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It has been said that an education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world. However, the profound understanding of the importance of an education is seen in our everyday examples, here at Marwari Vidyalaya.

Our goal is to encourage our students to learn beyond the textbooks. We want them to ask questions, to disagree and argue with logic or policies that don’t seem correct to them. We want them to think out of the box and adapt their knowledge in practical life. This is why we encourage our students to take part in different activities, to push themselves harder and to aim higher. We wish to create for them an environment in which they understand that there is no substitute to hard work. It has been said, “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.”

An education does not simply teach you the rules of grammar and BODMAS, it does not only explain to you the laws of gravity, and the expanses of different continents. An education forces you to think beyond what you know, what you see and what you are told. It instead enables you to understand and hold different perspectives.

Hence at Marwari Vidyalaya we have shifted our style of teaching to one that involves more active student participation. This helps students to be keen partners in the learning-teaching process rather than mere observers. Students give weekly presentations on any topic they wish to talk about. They link literature to their daily lives, they conduct experiments in science, and build models for social studies. They are part of clubs which encourage dance, music, sports, and arts, allowing their talents to sprout out in different fields. Students watch inspiring films, take part in science quizzes, write book reports and participate in talent shows. All these activities link academics and extra-curriculars to create for our students an environment that is both passionate and wholesome.

We hope to send into this world, well rounded, open-minded, confident and intelligent young adults. We want to send out children who aspire for a better future and who do not view their hardships as a disadvantage, but as armor, which will help them be more resilient. Marwari Vidyalaya believes in pushing beyond limitations to be the best versions of ourselves.

- Ms. Arshiya Mittal

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